we make agrilose™ from waste

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The Hurd Co engineers man-made cellulosic fiber pulp from 100% agricultural waste. Agrilose is used to make lyocell or viscose/rayon. The zero waste process uses half the water and 350 times less energy than conventional fiber pulp.

Did you know over 90% of harvested biomass is thrown away? We currently work with hemp waste, and will work with other agricultural wastes. The resulting fabric is soft, drapey, and takes dyes and finishings like a dream. Best of all? It costs the same as fabrics available today.

Most importantly, The Hurd Co provides an environmentally- and socially- motivated narrative with material made from agricultural waste. 

waste to wear.

When we reach for our favorite t-shirt, we don’t often think about how that shirt got into our closet, or really even consider what it’s made from. Turns out, it takes a lot of material to make the clothes we wear every day.

In fact, in the next 20-30 years, the apparel industry will need three times as many resources to keep up with demand.

This is not possible.

We simply don’t have the land, water, and resources to keep up.

a better way to make fabric

The Hurd Co set out to find a better way to make fabric. Instead of relying on virgin agriculture — like trees, cotton, or hemp — we use waste. Our low-impact technology transforms waste into into apparel-grade fiber feedstock pulp. We then work with brands to help them pull it through their supply chain. This means that brands can make whatever they want — and you can wear clothes you feel good about.

by the numbers: environmental benefit

By replacing raw feedstock with a waste stream, The Hurd Co reduces the carbon footprint of the average t-shirt. Reach out to us for exact numbersThe Hurd Co’s fiber will reduce threats to biodiversity, climate change, and water and soil pollution.

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